Announcing Horizon Omega

Orpheus Lummis,

We are excited to announce the launch of Horizon Omega (HΩ), a decentralized, expert-driven collaboration platform designed to accelerate the rate of progress in AI safety research and development (R&D) by enabling and supporting high-impact operational projects.

As the pace of AI development continues to accelerate, it is becoming increasingly critical to ensure that AI systems are developed and deployed in a safe, responsible, and beneficial manner. While there are many talented individuals and organizations working on AI safety, progress is often hindered by operational bottlenecks, coordination challenges, and resource constraints.

HΩ aims to address these challenges by providing a flexible, adaptive platform for AI safety experts and operational professionals to collaborate on projects that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of AI safety efforts. By fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and resource mobilization, HΩ seeks to create synergies and network effects that amplify the impact of individual initiatives and organizations.

How HΩ Works

  1. Identifying High-Impact Projects: HΩ continuously engages with AI safety experts and stakeholders to identify and prioritize operational projects that address critical bottlenecks and gaps in the AI safety ecosystem.

  2. Supporting Self-Organizing Teams: HΩ recruits and supports diverse, self-organizing teams to plan, execute, and iterate on selected projects, providing guidance, resources, and best practices to help teams achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

  3. Fostering Collaboration and Knowledge-Sharing: HΩ facilitates cross-project collaboration and knowledge-sharing through regular communication, events, and knowledge management systems, ensuring that insights and best practices are disseminated across the network.

  4. Monitoring and Adapting: HΩ closely monitors project progress, outcomes, and lessons learned, adapting its strategies and support as needed to maximize impact and responsiveness to emerging challenges and opportunities.

The Potential Impact

By providing a robust, adaptive platform for operational excellence in AI safety, HΩ aims to:

  1. Measurably accelerate the rate of progress and impact of AI safety R&D, as evidenced by expert assessments, bibliometric analysis, and stakeholder feedback.
  2. Reduce the probability and potential severity of AI existential risks, as estimated through ongoing risk assessments and scenario analyses.
  3. Enhance the resilience and adaptability of the AI safety ecosystem, better equipping it to navigate the challenges and opportunities of emerging AI technologies.
  4. Make significant contributions to the responsible development and deployment of AI systems that benefit all sentient life, as recognized by leading experts, organizations, and stakeholders.

Get Involved

If you are an AI safety expert, operational professional, or stakeholder interested in contributing to HΩ's mission, we invite you to:

To learn more about HΩ and how you can get involved, please visit our website at (opens in a new tab) or contact us at

Together, we can accelerate progress towards a future where AI systems are developed and deployed safely, responsibly, and beneficially for all.

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